Image of me after graduating from lukio

My name is Eero Lehtinen. I'm from Finland and passionately interested in creating software. As a tiny kid I was baffled how computers could know only using electric signals where the mouse is or in which order to show pixels. I wanted to find out.

In 7th grade I was introduced to Scratch in a programming class. I created my first simple games and was instantly hooked. After that, I have been studying computer programming on my own.

I graduated Three years of optional education
starting after nine years of
compulsory education in Finland
in 2018 with excellent results from the matriculation examination. I got an Laudatur:
top 5% of all candidates
in advanced math, English and chemistry. Also, I got an Eximia cum laude approbatur:
top 15% of all candidates
in Finnish and physics. I got quickly selected to the Tampere University of Technology to study information technology.

My personal studies haven't gone to waste: I have made multiple intriguing personal projects on my own. They are very diverse ranging from simple browser extensions running on JavaScript to complex C++ multiplayer games requiring intricate networking.

I would say that perseverance and analytical thinking are my best features. Moreover, I'm not easily discouraged by early failures when starting new tasks. Some math problems may take three hours and multiple failed attempts, but I'm always determined to find the right answer.