Dawdle block


This browser extension was created to stop me from watching hours of stupid YouTube videos. With Dawdle block you can set time limits on any sites you want, then the sites get blocked when the timer hits zero. I know that there are extensions that do this already, but they are missing a crucial feature. You can’t select specific channels that you don’t want to block. This is important to me because I use YouTube to listen to music, and I don’t want my timers to get used up by hours of music listening. My Dawdle block allows me to whitelist music channels and still limit videos from other “more stupid” channels to one hour a day. I still use it every day!

I learned a lot about using JavaScript, HTML and CSS in combination to create dynamic user interfaces. Cloud saving, JSON formatting and url parsing with JavaScript were interesting too.

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Current version: 1.1.3, released 2019-04-28

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