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A multiplayer arena shooter with planes in C++. Contains a lot of interesting programming concepts. I had to create a whole engine for game logic like creating game objects, applying velocity and detecting collisions. Also I have to make all the networking by myself. I have to make sure that all players are synced as well as possible. Not an easy task. Thankfully I’m using the SFML library, which can handle rendering and audio for me. Put on hold for now.


Current version: 0.9.1-alpha, released 2018-07-22

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No need to install. Just unzip the folder and put it wherever you want.


Download and unzip new version and copy "config.ini" from your old version's folder to the new folder.

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Don't worry about this message. My downloads don't contain any viruses/bloatware/etc. Your antivirus will most likely warn you anyway. This is because they use heuristics to flag everything that is not widely known. Click keep or run anyway when asked.